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Are you ready to invest in growing your business? We help our clients and their partners solve their most complex challenges. We offer a wide range of coaching and retainer options with upfront pricing for people just like you. Please feel free to email us if you have questions about which program might be the best fit for you.

Consulting Services

  • Executive Private Coaching

    Has your business been stuck at "okay" for too long? Redeem time lost from being stuck. Our 3 month, executive private coaching program over Zoom, text, or email will give you 24/7 access to the instruction, guidance, and accountability you need to break through to the next level. Have a question? Email us.

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  • Enterprise Retainer

    Our management consulting services take a diagnostic approach to focus on our clients' most critical needs: We analyze marketing, costs, brand position, strategy, organization, operations, and technology to solve problems and bring transformation across all industries and geographies. We utilize functional expertise through a holistic lens to have a multiplier effect on any organization. Have a question? Email us.

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  • Tether Retainer

    Getting started can be a complex task when there are so many unknown factors to consider as an entrepreneur. We will help you avoid costly mistakes and excel through the stages of building and scaling your business. Calls will be over Zoom and entitle you to ask us about anything you find challenging. Book the Tether Coaching package which gives you a full-service retainer at 4 hours a month for 1 year.

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  • Guidepost Retainer

    Lean on our decades of experience to help solidify and accelerate your progress. Necessary tasks to start or grow a business can be accomplished more successfully and more expediently with clear direction and guided coaching. Calls will be over Zoom at 2 hours a month for 1 year.

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  • Micro Retainer

    Having expert advice at your disposal greatly improves the likelihood of your success. Our discovery calls will outline your specific needs. Sometimes all you need is the peace of mind and security of knowing someone is there for you without the hand-holding. Calls are over Zoom at 1 hour a month for 1 year.

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  • Brian and the team helped me shape the go-to-market strategy for my startup. At my early stage, it was great to get their feedback on the pros and cons of different brand messaging for various audiences in the strategy. With a broader lens, they also advised on partnerships and the profiles of leaders in my space and ways to engage. Excellent.

    Ihsan Salleh
  • I reached out to Brian and Doug because I needed help deciding the best next steps for my career. I was scatterbrained with ideas, and they helped me focus and provided a framework to figure out what was next for my personal and professional life. I ended up going on a completely different and much better path thanks to their guidance and experience. The coaching calls with them proved extremely beneficial in keeping me on track and focused on the goals we set for me. I often travel internationally, and they made themselves available to work with my hectic schedule and changing travel demands. My career has excelled, and my personal goals are better aligned because of the guidance provided by the consulting at Ad Amplifier. I can’t recommend them enough to take your career and life to the next level.

    Kendrix Thomas
    Offshore WTG Commissioning Manager
  • Doug’s expertise and professionalism as he worked with us to update our pediatric website was invaluable. His guidance and knowledge base helped us to modernize our website and make it much more user-friendly. As a pediatric office, we need our site to be easy to use with quick access to important information for our patients and their families. Doug was able to provide all of that and more. We are thrilled with how warm and welcoming the site looks and how easy it is for families to navigate and get the information they need.

    Barb Vonnegut
  • Ad Amplifier helped me rethink my unused web domain and reposition to a new customer base in the internet gaming market. They helped get me to 1MM players per month!

    Rick Norris
    TribleNet Games
  • I had the great pleasure of working with Doug who helped redesign the website for a children’s Christmas “moosical” called Mooseltoe. As I was somewhat technically “challenged”, Doug was extremely patient, clearly explaining anything that I didn’t quite grasp. He was imaginative with great insights on layout and form, making our page colorful, exciting, and extremely easy to navigate. The process was truly delightful from conception to finished product.

    Jim Semmelman
    Director, Mooseltoe
  • I approached Ad Amplifier as an engineering student with a need to develop a portfolio of products for my Senior project. They delivered a product roadmap and market research report to take my automotive parts into the performance aftermarket.

    Jason Borden
  • Doug has a wealth of experience in marketing and website design. He gave me some tips on my website which he said was a good start, but needed some work. He was so thorough and convincing that I decided to revamp the whole website. I’m grateful for everything Doug and his partners at Ad Amplifier offered.

    Jeff Scott
    Host, Delmarva's Own
  • Doug and Brian have over 20 years combined experience in digital marketing and brand development. Any business will benefit from having them on board.

    Bryan Ernst
    Access Commercial Real Estate